These are the links to your class's fifth grade wiki. You can go to the wiki during approved school time or from home. The wiki is a way to get connected to useful websites and to share ideas and have an on-line conversation with your classmates and your teacher. We can't wait to see what great things you have to share......
A few ground rules:
1. We do not share usernames or passwords.
2. Only appropriate postings will be allowed on the site. If students abuse this privilege, they will lose access to the page.
3. We are all supportive of each other's postings.

As we start to use the wiki, we hope to see you grow as writers....this is a great way to learn how to communicate in an effective way. Have fun.....and let's start sharing!!!


Halloween 2012


Water Festival at Cranbrook September 11, 2012
waterfestival2012 044.jpgwaterfestival2012 007.jpg waterfestival2012 013.jpgwaterfestival2012 018.jpg

waterfestival2012 004.jpgwaterfestival2012 012.jpg

waterfestival2012 029.jpgwaterfestival2012 009.jpg
waterfestival2012 045.jpgwaterfestival2012 054.jpg
waterfestival2012 059.jpgwaterfestival2012 067.jpg
waterfestival2012 035.jpgwaterfestival2012 031.jpg

waterfestival2012 006.jpgwaterfestival2012 030.jpg

waterfestival2012 062.jpgwaterfestival2012 066.jpg